The Pancake

Teddy never grew out of his reckless ways of showing affection. And his brewing desire for Flan only intensified when she left. Continue reading


The Missing Person – 11

An anonymous call tipped off missing persons. Amanda and Fernando were assigned the case and were immediately suspicious of the call, but there was no other information. A few calls to the mother,  landlord and workplace helped identify the missing person as a brown eyed, brown haired, physically disabled woman who goes by Flan. Continue reading

The First Kiss – 7

Two weeks after her mom’s bachelorette party was a Sunday, or as Flan liked to believe, the day arrest. At least when she felt forced by her mom to go back to church a fortnight ago. When she was younger, Flan recalled the priest’s reverent expression of a completely feigned moment every time he mentioned peace. If the absence of words and long deep breaths were symbolic of peace, then why does he speak so much?  Continue reading