The Road – 10

Flan lived in an imagination of terrible scenarios, but didn’t believe she would be this shaken when it actually happened. It had been at least ten minutes since she slowly woke into darkness. She felt the bandanna wrapped around her eyes and the mask over it to ensure she couldn’t see, as well as her bound hands and assuming her limp feet as well. She lay there silent, swaying back and forth trying to figure it out, but all she could wonder is why, and fear the reality that no one would notice her absence.

She lay helpless and silent as tears formed. Flan was alone. Regardless of the driver, she knew she had never been more isolated.

Flan whimpered, the car stopped, and she felt a hand pull up her mask. It smelled familiar, but before the scent was identified, the other hand held a soaked rag over her nose and mouth until her mind joined the darkness of the double blindfold. The car then rejoined the traffic out of town.