The Missing Person – 11

An anonymous call tipped off missing persons. Amanda and Fernando were assigned the case and were immediately suspicious of the call, but there was no other information. A few calls to the mother,  landlord and workplace helped identify the missing person as a brown eyed, brown haired, physically disabled woman who goes by Flan.

‘Mary again,’ Fernando said covering the mouthpiece of the phone. Amanda picked up and started listening in.

‘HOW DO YOU KNOW NOTHING? It’s been four days, for God’s sake.’

They listened and informed Mary that they were doing everything they could. As soon as these words left Fernando’s mouth, he felt his skin crawl. His father was told this very thing when his mother went missing ten years ago. He knew that helpless feeling. He was that wreck once before. His mother’s cold case was his motivation.

‘We will find her,’ Fernando said definitively before another goodbye. Amanda knew it was against protocol to say such to families, but she understood.

Only one person from Flan’s work seemed to know anything about her, and she became the only suspect and only help for the time being.

‘I can’t believe Flan would just run away,’ Suzanne said. ‘She is never late, and she was just getting out of her shell at work.’

‘Shell?’ Amanda asked.

‘Yes. She’s rather a quiet woman, that is, until I came into her life.’ Suzanne looked up and smiled proudly, then put on a solemn face again, ‘I just can’t believe she would be taken either.’

‘Did she mention any stalkers? Boyfriends? Lovers?’ Fernando asked.

‘Not that I know of. There was a cat, but…hmm,’ Suzanne paused. ‘Yes. She did blush when I mentioned a man when we went out for drinks. Roger or Randall or Rrrr…’ She couldn’t think of it. They finished their questions, with a glimmer of hope.

The apartment search started to make sense. The cat food, the binoculars, and the dead flowers with the attached note ‘Yours, RS.’