The Boyfriend – 12

Roy Lee Davis happened to be away for two weeks on business, which made for a remarkable discovery.

Flan was a difficult human being. One whom Roy was initially both intimidated and drawn to. Months into this predominantly one way relationship, and he was frustrated and determined.

God, you know all things, you are good, and I need help. Am I wasting my time or what do I do?

Roy made it through baggage claim and found his answer in an unusual amount of daisies at departure lounge florist.

He picked up the flowers, her favorite chocolates, and went to see Flan.

He knocked, silence. He knocked again, nothing. He began interpreting this as a contradicting sign, while simultaneously reminding himself (to no avail) that not everything means what he believes it to mean. Tired and despondent, he leaned on the door, heard the door click, and fell sideways into the hall/kitchen. Startled, he jumped up, laughed at himself and was met with a black handgun and blinded by a flashlight.