The Honest – 14

Fernando was certain Roy was innocent by the end of his short interview, but even he began to question Roy’s innocence at Amanda’s questioning. She made his relationship with Flan and his surprise at her absence seem like a strong case against Roy.

Roy was certain of his love for Flan, but could never tell where he stood with her. Roy’s honest assessment of their relationship, paired with Amanda’s questioning, made him the lead suspect with suspicion of an accomplice.

Roy left confused, embarrassed and scared, not to mention stunned by Flan’s disappearance. Flan’s gone. Gone. He paced in front of the police station. Then walked twenty blocks home.

Roy was in shock. He didn’t sleep and took the next day off so he could go to all the places he knew Flan liked to go; the book shop, work and a little café.  The first two hadn’t seen her in weeks, but the café said she was just there a little over a week ago. Roy’s heart was racing, and he lapped up the information and called the station, insisting on talking to Fernando. He wasn’t worried about clearing his name, he was desperate to find his love. If he was certain of his feelings before, there was no doubt now, and he was going to find her.