The Pancake

Teddy never grew out of his reckless ways of showing affection. And his brewing desire for Flan only intensified when she left.

Now she was here with him. Teddy made another set of pancakes and walked to the woman he knew would soon love him back.

He saw Flan’s determination to leave the same as his desire to get her. He had never been more in love.

Flan was starving. She withheld days of eating, yet the homemade blueberry pancakes were breaking her down. She finally ate. It was difficult under the circumstances to reveal that these were the best pancakes she had ever eaten. She resolved to grimace at each bite, leave some left over and criticise the texture.

What terrified Flan about being captive, was that her captor relied on Stockholm syndrome to woo her, and wouldn’t let her go without this result.

Flan was trapped. She never did anything someone was trying to make her do. This was the same through school, religion and politics.

Teddy sat watching as she ate her breakfast in silence, dreaming of one day laughing about this over an ice cream in the park.

He chuckled to himself. She longed for anything and to be anywhere that wasn’t with him.